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A frustrating but surprisingly strategic mobile soccer game.

Soccer Moves - Cheats And Tips | Review

The central design of Soccer Moves offers fans an usually strategic mobile take on the world's favorite sport. Each level in the game offers up a different offensive scenario that's filled with defenders. Your job? Take the limited number of shots, passes, and movement opportunities available in each level, and dole them out to your players in order to create the perfect, beautifully finished scoring opportunity.

The Good

A lot of love has gone into the presentation of Soccer Moves, but don't be put off by those cartoonish looks - this game packs in a serious challenge. Each level offers up its own particular challenge, and you'll learn something new with each one you beat. There are tricky, bonus objectives which reward you with extra gold too, and that gold can be used to enhance your team with various goal-scoring power-ups.

The Bad

This is a very difficult game to get to grips with, and it does a frankly terrible job of explaining even the basics to new players. More than a little trial-and-error, some of which will go against your gaming intuition, will be required before you've understood how to portion out different soccer moves - why you should make players wait, how to read the defensive capabilities of your opponents and so on. Soccer nuts will persevere (and be glad they did), but it's quite a turn-off for everyone else.

The Verdict

If you've loved the likes of Flick Kick Soccer and New Star Soccer in the past, you should absolutely give Soccer Moves a go - although we'd hold some way back from placing this game in the same league as those mobile masterpieces. Just don't expect it to be an easy or intuitive learning experience in the early days of your career.

Soccer Moves - Cheats And Tips | Review

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