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It's party time with the new Rayman runner.

Rayman Fiesta Run - Cheats And Tips | Review

Given the deserved plaudits lavished upon Rayman Jungle Run towards the of last year, it was only a matter of time until a sequel saw the light of day, and so it is that Rayman Fiesta Run pops up on the App Store this morning. Straight off the bat it's good news for fans of the original, and this platforming auto-runner offers up all of the creative level design and stunning artwork you'd expect from the sequel.

The Good

As with the previous game, you can expect plenty of very cleverly-crafted - not to mention gorgeously colorful - levels in Fiesta Run. Each one's packed with springs that send you leaping around the screen, enemies you'll have to pummel or dodge, and plenty of precision platforming challenges. Grab enough of Rayman's miniature chums dotted around each level and you'll unlock even more levels to gets stuck into - not to mention a collection of standard auto-runner power-ups, and cosmetic rewards.

The Bad

The breadth of invention spread across Fiesta Run's many levels is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand it ensures that every level feels unique. On the other, it's frustratingly hard to read the flow of a level and achieve a great rating through natural flair, rather than repeated trial-and-error attempts. It can leave you feeling as though you're stuck in an unnecessarily low gear. Although you should have no trouble unlocking every level through gameplay, we also think including a cash shop in a $2.99 App Store game is a bit much.

The Verdict

Fans of Jungle Run can certainly look forward to another generous dollop of creatively crafted levels in Fiesta Run, and we're left largely impressed by this bright and breezy sequel. Not even a handful of minor niggles can stop this from being very easy to recommend to gamers of all tastes and ages.

Rayman Fiesta Run - Cheats And Tips | Review

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