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Show your ogres who's boss with our guide.

Axes & Allies - Cheats And Tips | Review

When it comes to fighting on the battlefield, the ogres of Axes & Allies mean serious business. In this game, you'll guide a three-monster crew into battle against hordes of enemies, in the hopes of rescuing an imprisoned member of the gang. While the game has some unfortunate issues with controls and party management, it's still worth checking out since it's free-to-play.

Here are some helpful tips to get you off to a brutally good start.

What's the best way to use the Berserker in Axes & Allies?

The Berserker is a general warrior. If you want him to fight an enemy, draw a line from him towards the intended target. It may take a while for him to chip away at the enemy's health, but he'll do more damage than the Bowmaster and Shaman combined - just keep at it. If you can, power him up whenever possible, because the stronger he becomes, the quicker he'll take down foes. You can level up your Berserker's additional attacks and strength stat twice

What's the best way to use the Bowmaster in Axes & Allies?

The Bowmaster is your dependable ranged attacker, although he's vulnerable to attacks from enemies who get too close. Make sure you keep him away from the thick of the battle, such as a corner of the screen. To attack an enemy, draw a line that leads from him to his target, and he'll s tart firing away. If you see an enemy approaching, draw a line away from them, and have your Berserker run interference with attacks. The Bowmaster can be improved to have greater strength and wider-ranged attacks - just make sure you always keep him at a distance.

How should I use the Shaman in Axes & Allies?


The Shaman works as your healer. You'll want to make sure he's around if either of your two other characters need first aid. To perform the healing, draw a line between him and the ogre you want to help, and the process will begin. Like the Bowmaster, you'll want to move him out of harm's way, as he has no offensive attacks to help keep him alive. If he does take damage, lead him out of the battle and he'll focus on healing himself. You can level up the Shaman's healing abilities, but he's always a very defensive character to play.

How can I increase my character's strength in Axes & Allies?

Head over to the Weapons screen. Once you're here, you can press the upgrade button next to each character and increase their strength. It'll cost you 50 coins, but you'll be able to earn quite a few of those on the battlefield. You can also visit the "Free Loot For You" page to take advantage of promotional offers, which will earn you extra coins without you having to lay out real cash.

How do the team upgrades work in Axes & Allies?

There are three areas of team skills that can be improved - HP boost, damage and critical. Each upgrade point costs 50 coins.

The HP boost provides additional strength across all team members, rather than focusing on one specific character. The next attribute to improve is your damage, allowing you to hit harder - this is especially important for dealing with stronger foes, like the giant zombie enemy types. You'll get a five percent increase for each upgrade. Finally, there's the critical stat, which increase the chance you'll land a particularly heavy strike against an opponent. It's only a 3% boost, but it's certainly better than nothing at all.

How do I revive a member of my party in Axes & Allies?


If one of your teammates dies - and considering how overwhelming enemy forces can get, this is very likely to happen - simply use a gemstone and tap on the lower right-hand corner of the screen to bring a selected member of your party back. Use these wisely though, and prioritize revivals carefully. If your teammates are running low on energy, it's essential that you bring the Shaman back. Likewise, if you're being overrun, consider bringing back the Berserker or the Bowmaster.

Axes & Allies - Cheats And Tips | Review

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