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Empire wait building.

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Given Disney's eye-watering outlay of $4.05 billion to acquire the Star Wars license from George Lucas last year, it's no surprise to see the celebrated studio shopping out its new property to the likes of Rovio (Angry Birds Star Wars), and now to the creators of another flagship App Store game, Tiny Tower.

In Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, that means building your very own mighty tool of planetary destruction layer by layer, residential block by residential block, while keeping the shops stocked and the Cantina wine flowing. NimbleBit are on top form with this new title, and while the gameplay represents rather safe territory for the studio, it's clearly been no minor labour of love for the team involved.

The Good

If you thought NimbleBit's miniature citizens were already packed full of charm, that goes double now that each element of the micro-sim universe has been given the Star Wars treatment. Familiar characters are everywhere, and while every element is instantly recognizable, NimbleBit has been given plenty of artistic license to inject its unique brand of tongue-in-cheek humor too. While this is, for the most part, very familiar ground in terms of gameplay, even the most cynical gamer will find it very hard to resist Tiny Death Star's torrent of charm.

The Bad

As you'd expect from a NimbleBit game, once the early days are over it's a long, slow journey towards galactic domination. The familiar Bux are back, which allows you to speed up a construction job or restock stores immediately, but you only get a limited number of these to play with - unless you head to the cash store, that is. The pacing is basically very similar to the studio's earlier games, so you likely already know what you're in for here.

The Verdict

There's enough that's new about Tiny Death Star to make it worthy of note for even the most burned-out Tiny Tower fan, while at the same time remaining faithful to everything that made the original so horribly, horribly addictive. An accomplished remix by anyone's standards.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star - Get More Bux & Credits | Cheats And Tips | Unlocking Levels | Unlocking Bitizens | Review

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