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Build the Death Star you deserve with our guide to NimbleBit's new game.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star - Get More Bux & Credits | Cheats And Tips | Unlocking Levels | Unlocking Bitizens | Review

NEW - Want to make more Bux and Credits in Tiny Death Star? Read our essential guide to making money in the game.

Tiny Tower is back and ready to eat up every scrap of your free time all over again. This time around, it's arrived in the form of an utterly charming Star Wars campaign that challenges you to build that glorious tool of planetary destruction, the Death Star.

Even though the core gameplay is very similar to that of the original Tiny Tower, you may still appreciate some help getting started. Here are all of our top tips for leading the Empire to glory.

- Make sure you've stocked up a commercial floor before tinkering with any of the staff working there. Once you're in the process of stocking or selling, you'll be locked down to the people you've already put in place. Remember to keep the best people for the job in each store so as to maximize profits.

- Looking to get hold of some quick cash in Tiny Death Star early on? Tap on the Emperor's portrait to be taken to your current mission. The game does a good job of leading you through the early days of the game - and working your way through these tasks will set you up with a nice, ongoing chunk of change.

- Sometimes you're going to get a useless tenant move into your mighty Death Star, one who's just no good at working anywhere. When that happens, don't be afraid to evict them. It's true that you might lose some earnings while you wait for the new guy to turn up, but a rubbish worker always costs money in the long run.


- Even though you might lose out on a little cash in the short term, always leave a spot free in each residential block. You never know when the perfect resident is going to be looking for a new home, and you want them to be able to find a space to stay. This should also increase the chance that new residents visit your Death Star in the first place.

- You'll have to spend some of those precious Imperial Bux to do this, but you should absolutely upgrade your elevator at the first opportunity. The more visitors you can ferry around the Death Star quickly, the more money you'll make in the long run. This is one investment that pays off very quickly indeed.

- When Death Star VIPs arrive you'll receive a bonus for the floor you ship them to - they might splash all their money buying every bit of stock in a shop, or speed up the construction of your next floor. If you want to call in a random VIP, you can do this from the options screen but it will cost you two Imperial Bux each time - a risky strategy when you don't know what you're going to get.


- Need to get more credits in Tiny Death Star? If you've got spare Bux lying around, you can cash them in for a little more change. Be warned that this is a very short-term strategy for profitability - a little more patience may pay off in the long run.

- You should always try to keep your residents working on the floors they have the best stat affinity for. If you do this, you'll get a much bigger discount on the cost of stocking the commercial units they work in.

- If you want to unlock new scenes to watch in Tiny Death Star, you need to introduce certain residents, or open particular businesses within the structure. Browse through the list of available scenes and study the names for hints of what you might need to do to unlock them.


- If you want to make the really big money in Tiny Death Star, you need to always focus on playing the long-game. Your shops will only sell a certain number of products over a given period of time, so choose the highest tier of product every time. It'll take longer to stock, but you'll receive more money during the selling period.

- Tired of checking in on the game all the time? If you want each floor in Tiny Death Star to hold more stock, you can always upgrade the floor in the options screen. Note that each upgrade costs Imperial Bux.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star - Get More Bux & Credits | Cheats And Tips | Unlocking Levels | Unlocking Bitizens | Review

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