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Our essential guide to making more money in NimbleBit's new game.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star - Get More Bux & Credits | Cheats And Tips | Unlocking Levels | Unlocking Bitizens | Review

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star hit the App Store yesterday, and we've been busily tapping away to create our very own doomsday device along with everyone else. You're going to need plenty of Bux and Credits to make it big in NimbleBit's game though, so we've pulled together all of our essential advice for making a little more of both.

- Once you've begun creating special Imperial levels in your Death Star, you'll be given the opportunity to take part in unique assignments, which provide you with plenty of Imperial Bux. Make sure you've got lots of credits in the bank though, as you'll need plenty of these to complete your new missions.

- Tempting though it is to simply stock up your shops and leave the game to its own devices, it's well worth spending at least a little bit of time each day ferrying visitors around your Death Star. Some of these characters will tip you with Imperial Bux rather than Credits - but you won't know which ones until they pay out.

- If it's Credits you're after, rather than Bux, you can use the rarer currency to sell everything stocked in a shop for a rapid injection of cash. Just make sure you're not wasting your money on clearing out relatively weak items. Only do this for the seriously valuable stuff, and when you're really desperate for Credits.


- There's only one occasion where we recommend converting Bux into Credits using the game's rather poor currency converter, and that's at the very beginning of the game. Before you do anything else, upgrade your elevator one level so you can zip around the Death Star, dropping off passengers, much more quickly. If you must use this system again, go for the maximum conversion - you get more Credits per individual Bux this way.

- It sounds obvious, but you must make sure your shops are stocked up before they can generate money in your absence. Here's one tip that we really like when we're not focused on playing the game - once a day, simply set up all your orders, then before you go to bed, stock up all the stores. That way you'll wake up in the morning to a juicy pile of cash for a very small investment of time.

- To make the most money in Star Wars Tiny Death Star, it's essential you match up the right workers with the right job. Check their individual preferences, and set them to work in an area of your Death Star that plays to their strengths.


- Want to attract better money-makers to your building in Star Wars Tiny Death Star? Always leave one slot spare in your residential rooms, so that a visiting guest can move in if their stats are amazing. Kick out any bitizens that just aren't good enough workers, even if that means losing out on a little cash in the short-term.

- The quickest way to get cash, and learn the game, in the very early days is to follow the Mission system. This will give you all the basic currency you need to start branching out and building your bespoke Death Star. It'll also get your core shops up and running so you can get an essential basic cashflow going.

- Build your Death Star higher and higher to get your hands on some of those free Bux. Each time a floor is completed, you'll be rewarded with at least one Bux, which should help you carry on expanding even further.


- Got plenty of businesses but not enough workers? Concentrate your workforce on those areas of the business that have the most valuable stock to sell - and make sure each one is maxed out with workers. Then you can start filling out the less profitable shops in the stack.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star - Get More Bux & Credits | Cheats And Tips | Unlocking Levels | Unlocking Bitizens | Review

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