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Our guide to getting every level type in Tiny Death Star.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star - Get More Bux & Credits | Cheats And Tips | Unlocking Levels | Unlocking Bitizens | Review

Like many mobile gamers, we lost a frightening amount of the weekend to Tiny Death Star, and we're slowly but surely unlocking plenty of new citizens and buildings types in the game. We've already brought you our general guide to the game - not to mention a handy guide for making more cash - now here's a quick glance at how to unlock each of the different level types in the game.

Use the charts below to prioritise your Tiny Death Star unlocks, and spend those precious Imperial Bux wisely.


Name Cost
The Cantina 23 Bux
Mos Espa Cafe N/A
Dewback Ribs 99 Bux
Ewok Sweets 15 Bux
Ithorian Food 33 Bux
Neimoidian Food 59 Bux
Melahnese Food 33 Bux
Moncala Seafood 99 Bux
Scoop Of Hoth 59 Bux
Geonosian Grub 149 Bux



Name Cost
Workout Center 15 Bux
Millenium Expr 15 Bux
Cloud City Spa 99 Bux
Technician 99 Bux
Youngling Hall 59 Bux
Marriage Room 33 Bux
Duct Repair 33 Bux
Trash Compactor 59 Bux
Bounty Hunters 149 Bux
Imperial Court 149 Bux



Name Cost
Mon Cala Aquarium 33 Bux
Holochess Hall 15 Bux
Training Remotes 99 Bux
Dark Side Cave 99 Bux
Jedi Jump Up 59 Bux
Holonet Cineplex 33 Bux
Imperial Museum 59 Bux
Rebo's Karaoke N/A
Statuary Park 149 Bux
Rancor Pit 149 Bux



Name Cost
Toydarian Toys 15 Bux
Pet Emporium 33 Bux
Droid Store 59 Bux
Watto's Wares 15 Bux
Galactic Music 149 Bux
Livestock Exc 59 Bux
Hologames 99 Bux
Lightsaber Craft 33 Bux
Imperial Grocer 99 Bux
Snowspeeder Shop 149 Bux
Watto's Wares 15 Bux



Name Cost
Tatooine Apts 59 Bux
Mon Cala Apts 33 Bux
Coruscant Apts 33 Bux
Utapau 15 Bux
Endor Apts 59 Bux
Serenno Apts 33 Bux
Kashyyyk Apts 33 Bux
Dagobah Apts 59 Bux
Rugosa Apts 33 Bux
Zanbar Apts 15 Bux
Tatooine Apts 59 Bux
Christophsis Apts N/A
Aleen Apts Apts N/A
Saleucami Apts 15 Bux
Abafar Apts N/A
Dathomir Apts 33 Bux
Snivvian Apts 33 Bux
Zygerria Apts 15 Bux
Nal Hutta Apts 33 Bux
Kiros Apts 15 Bux
Raydonia Apts 15 Bux
Gamorrean Apts 33 Bux
Carlac Apts 33 Bux
Felucia Apts 15 Bux
Teth Apts 33 Bux



Name Cost
Interrogation 15 Bux
Tractor Beam 33 Bux
Blast Doors 15 Bux
Map Room 33 Bux
Sith Meditation 149 Bux
Communications 59 Bux
Interrogation 15 Bux
Officer's Lounge 99 Bux
Imperial Meeting 59 Bux
Extending Bridge 59 Bux
Droid Works 99 Bux
Emperor's Chamber 149 Bux
Detention Level 59 Bux
Forcefield Gen 149 Bux
Superlaser Ray 149 Bux
Turbolaser 59 Bux
Droid Lab 99 Bux

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star - Get More Bux & Credits | Cheats And Tips | Unlocking Levels | Unlocking Bitizens | Review

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