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Get the most out of your driving experience with our essential guide.

When it comes to great driving simulations for your iPhone or iPad, GT Racing 2 is pretty tough to beat. Featuring lavish graphics you'd usually expect from a console game, sharp controls, and a huge number of events and cars to unlock, it'll keep any racing fan busy through the long winter evenings ahead.

If you're new to the series, you might need a few pointers. Here are some great tips to help you get started with the game.

How do I unlock cars in GT Racing 2?

Hit up the shop! It's highlighted in green at the top of the screen. There are seven initial vehicle tiers available, and the vehicle quality varies across a number of categories - Top Speed, Acceleration, Handling and Brakes.

How do I buy cars in GT Racing 2?

To purchase cars, you'll need to use in-game bucks, which are earned by completing events in the game. If you're in a bit of rush, you can use real money to add funds to your account. It's completely optional though, and the cars you earn over the course of the game will suffice. Only spend money if you're a car enthusiast who simply can't wait.

What are the best cars to use in GT Racing 2?

The best cars in the game are clearly in Tier 7, and you'll want to make plans for getting your hands on the Dodge Charger and the Plymouth Hemi Cuda. Unfortunately, they won't unlock until Gameloft opens up the Platinum Series events, where players can compete for top-tier prizes. No word yet on when that will kick off.


What upgrades are available for cars in GT Racing 2?

Upgrades are divided across the four main categories. Top Speed determines your overall speed in the race, while Acceleration helps you get there faster. Handling will make it much easier to tackle tricky corners in the games, and Brakes - of course - help you manage your flow through the race.

How do I upgrade my vehicle stats in GT Racing 2?

You'll need to make these upgrades in stages, using the coins you earn from each race. This results in slow but steady improvements to your chosen vehicle's overall performance. You'll find it's around Level 5 that these upgrades really become noticeable, so stick with it - there's a definite pay-off as you climb the scale.

Do I need to pay for coins or cash in GT Racing 2?

You don't need to, as you'll earn a moderately useful amount just from participating in events. However, if you want to unlock top-tier vehicles right away, or want to get more upgrades in a hurry, you're going to need to spend real money unfortunately. Wait it out and save yourself some cash is our advice.


How can I earn more money during a race in GT Racing 2?

By completing challenges, mainly. These objectives might involve overtaking a certain number of competitors, holding the lead for several seconds, or "mastering" corners - defined as going through them without wrecking yourself! Pass all of these challenges with flying colors and you'll clean up on a tidy pile of cash once the race is over.

What campaigns are available in GT Racing 2?

Several! You'll get started in the Alfa Romeo Mito bracket, where you'll take on events like Competitive Races, Knockouts and one-on-one contests. You can earn up to three stars in each event, and the more stars you unlock, the more circuits that open up as a result. There are more than 60 such circuits to be unlocked as you play the game.


How do the assist systems work in GT Racing 2?

There are two assist systems at play in the game - Steering and Braking. With both of these turned on, you'll handle turns like a professional, and maintain the right level of speed to keep up with other racers. Turn them off, however, and the game becomes much more challenging, requiring you to handle the pedals and wheels with precision - or else you'll careen right into the wall.

We suggest keeping the systems turned on until you get used to how the game feels, but don't become too dependent on them. Once you've nailed the basics, switch them off if you want to be rewarded with a little more game cash - but only if you can still take pole position while doing so.

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