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Just as it was with our review of Don't Shoot Yourself! last week, much of what you need to know about Tilt To Live 2 can be deduced from the title alone. In very simple terms, it's a game about using your device's tilt functionality to steer a ship around the screen, avoid enemies, and trigger power-ups that destroy anything in their vicinity.

The Good

Despite its fundamental simplicity, Tilt To Live 2 is surprisingly hard to put down, and you'll lose more time to chasing a new high score that you might expect. Power-ups are many and varied, from explosive proximity mines, to a light-saber effect that burns through anything your ship approaches. It's great fun, and you'll also have to tackle some boss events that require a very different approach. The music and visuals suit the tense gameplay brilliantly too.

The Bad

If you're the kind of person who really can't get on with gyroscopic controls, there's nothing for you to enjoy about Tilt To Live. Fortunately, the controls in the game are responsive and reliable, and there are a number of different systems to suit your preferences. We'd also like to have been able to get into this thick of the action a little quicker, because once you've got good at the game, you might get a little bored of burning through the early stages of combat.

The Verdict

Unpretentious, yet polished, Tilt To Live 2 is pretty much everything a good time-killing mobile game should be. It can be played just about anywhere (if you don't mind looking daft in public), in short or long sessions, and it's packed with one-more-go moreishness. A very good sequel to a pretty slick original, in other words.

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