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Our essential guide to the new word-building game.

Letris 3 - Cheats And Tips | Review

We were left very impressed by Letris 3 in our review earlier today, and if you don't mind spending a few dollars to bypass the limited lives system, you'll be left with one of the best word games you can get for your iPhone or iPad. Here are all of our essential hints and tips for the game.

- If you want to get three stars on a level in Letris 3, you need to reach a certain high score which you should see on the menu before starting the level. Different star tiers have different points requirements.

- Resist the urge to blitz your way through the objectives of a level if you're looking to pick up all three stars. As a general rule, it's worth waiting for a four-letter scoring opportunity to come up, rather than taking an easy three. Keep making those four-letter words and you stand an excellent chance of beating the level with a three star rating.

- If you're bi-lingual, and want to make things a little easier for yourself, you can pay real money to unlock a second language. That will give you more words to play with, but make sure you've mastered the game before making it potentially even harder.


- When you have to clear blocks from the screen by using adjacent tiles, try to make your words along the direction of the entire wall. That way you'll clear more screen real estate for every word you create, making the overall job much easier. Just be aware that if you rush to clear walls, you might miss out on a three-star score. As always, make sure you're balancing your objectives.

- Don't let the board get completely out of control during your pursuit of a three-star rating in Letris 3. Take a glance at the upper-right hand corner of the screen from time to time to see how you're progressing through the rankings. If you're bang on three stars, or it's been a while since you ranked up to two, get ready to blitz the objectives so you don't fail the level.

- If the pace of the game is a little slow for you in the early days, you can tap the arrow at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to have letters fall a little more quickly. Make sure you don't spam this button too much though, or you'll run the risk of overwhelming the screen and failing a level.


- If you find yourself short on stars for unlocking the next set of challenges in Letris 3, make sure you go back to the earliest possible levels that you've not maxed out, and make a new attempt at getting your three-star ratings. You'll find it much easier to complete these initially tough rounds once you've got plenty of practice under your belt.

- To kill the monsters in Letris 3, you're going to need to clear tiles that are adjacent to its position. Be aware, however, that new lines of tiles are going to start appearing below your current grid as you chip away at its health. Our advice? Concentrate on three letter words that run along the length or height of the monster, and don't stay focused on one area of the screen if new word opportunities are tight.

- Ice blocks aren't as tricky to get on top of as you might think. You can still create words from letters trapped in the cold stuff, and once you've made a minimum three-letter word, the tiles will explode, causing upper tiles to fall into place.


- Getting tired of waiting for the timer to top up again? Having spent a few dollars unlocking the infinite lives mode in the game, we really haven't looked back - there's more than enough content to justify this relatively small asking price.

- Certain levels will challenge you to create a handful of words that might contain six letters or more - tricky. Here's a useful tip for smashing through these levels. Keep an eye out for the letter 'S' on the board, and then see if you can work backwards to create a five-letter word. Combined, you'll meet the tally, because plurals are allowed in the game.

- There are two Relax modes to get stuck into, but you'll need a certain number of stars to unlock them both - if you don't want to pay, that is. Follow our advice above, and go and get those extra stars from the earlier, easier levels before resorting to the cash store. Unlockable this mode for free is very, very doable.


- In WordMatrix mode, the challenge is to clear the given number of tiles using what's available. This can rapidly get out of control if you're not careful. Our advice is to work your way evenly around the board from left to right, top to bottom. That way you're unlikely to leave any stacks of letters that just can't be used.

- The Acronymus mode is all about creating words that can be formed using all of the letters you're presented with just once. As you can imagine, this gets very tricky, very quickly. Just be aware that the letters don't have to be in a continuous line to form the word - you can move back and forth between them at will.

Letris 3 - Cheats And Tips | Review

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