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Heavy metal.

Neon Shadow - Cheats And Tips | Review

While most developers try and shoehorn as many features as possible into their first-person shooters, Crescent Moon Games' Neon Shadow takes a very different approach. This arcade-style FPS feels more like a throwback to the classic days of Doom or Wolfenstein, where story takes a backseat to ridiculously wild action. Your task, put simply, is to shut down a suppressed robot army being run by a corrupted operating system.

The Good

Although simple in nature, Neon Shadow is really enjoyable. The controls are pretty responsive, and the weaponry packs a decent punch - particularly so when it comes to the grenade launcher. The game looks good too, and the explosions are particularly impressive. The new-wave soundtrack from Abducted By Sharks is well worth a listen as well.

There's more than a strong single-player campaign to be found in Neon Shadow too. There are multiplayer offerings to keep you busy, including a nifty co-op game where two players use the same device in split-screen mode (naturally, we recommend a tablet here). The download price of $1.99 gets you everything you need too - no in-app purchases, nothing.

The Bad

Although the control scheme works fine most of the time, it can be a little finicky, especially when it comes to turning quickly to face enemies that are firing from behind. While multiplayer is a nice feature, it does takes quite a while to get started, and there aren't many modes beyond deathmatch - although sometimes that's all anyone needs. You'll also notice performance suffering a little when you have too many enemies on-screen at once.

The Verdict

If you love first-person shooters and don't mind the core simplicity at the game's heart, Neon Shadow is well worth taking a shot at.

Neon Shadow - Cheats And Tips | Review

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