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Turn every last robot into scrap metal with our help.

Neon Shadow - Cheats And Tips | Review

It's not the most complicated shooter in the world, but Crescent Moon Games' Neon Shadow is a great first-person shooter for the iPad. Here are a few tips that'll help you get the most out of the game.

How does the shotgun work in Neon Shadow?

Right off the bat, you'll start with this weapon. This overall solid firearm is good to have as it automatically reloads, so you don't have to worry about scrambling for ammunition. In addition - and although it's a short-burst weapon, it's powerful, and capable of taking out turrets with a single well-aimed blast. When it comes to dealing with a group of enemies however, you'll want something with a heavier stream of firepower.

How does the assault rifle work in Neon Shadow?

You'll find this around level 2 or 3 in the game, and it packs a mean punch. You'll start out with 600 bullets, and you'll be able to fire continuously into a group of enemies with it. Although it's not as powerful as the shotgun, it is consistent, and will wipe out most robots with ease.

How do I find more ammunition for the assault rifle in Neon Shadow?

The key is to look out for crates on the ground. They're colored blue, and picking them up will provide you with an additional 60 bullets. You're bound to go through them quickly, so keep on the lookout for crates - or stick with your shotgun until you've managed to get a refill.


How does the grenade launcher work in Neon Shadow?

The grenade launcher is an even smaller burst weapon than the shotgun, but it leaves behind plenty of explosive presents for those pesky robots. With a well-timed blast, you can take out several at once, and earn a multiplier award, or a temporary "double damage" power-up that lets you clean up on enemies even quicker - albeit for a limited amount of time.

How do I find more ammunition for the grenade launcher in Neon Shadow?

The same way that you would for the assault rifle - with crates on the ground. Pick them up when you spot them and you'll be able to stock up. If need be, stick with the shotgun until you get enough in quantity.

How do I refill my health in Neon Shadow?

You'll want to locate purple canisters. These regenerate about 25 health on your meter, and you're bound to run out quickly if you're attacked by enemies. If you're already at full health, try to save one of these for the run back to the elevator, in case you run into any opposition on the way back.


How do I deal with "dog" robots in Neon Shadow?

These are pesky creatures that will shock you continuously if they get close to you. Take them up in one clean shot using the shotgun.

How do I deal with flying robots in Neon Shadow?

These guys tend to stop and concentrate on a single shot after a few seconds at a time. Use this opportunity to lock onto them with your shotgun - or another weapon - and destroy them. It also helps to have auto-aim turned on. This allows you to get a better bead on these fast-moving guys, so that you can destroy them cleanly.

How do I destroy turrets in Neon Shadow?

These turrets usually hang from above, and you can take them out easily with a bit of concentrated firepower. Just watch out for their laser lightings. If they lock onto you before you destroy them, they'll open fire. Keep moving, target them, and take them out.


How do I destroy sentry units in Neon Shadow?

Sentries require a lot more firepower than the average robot. If you can, use the grenade launcher on them, as one or two blasts will be enough to take them out completely. They tend to stand still for a second or so before firing a pulse laser from their chest, so move quickly and keep firing.

Can I change the sensitivity of aiming in Neon Shadow?

Yes. Just go into the options screen and change the sensitivity to however you see fit.

How does multiplayer work in Neon Shadow?

It's straight-up deathmatch stuff, so don't go looking for any Call of Duty-like diversity. However, there are three ways you can play with others.

Wi-Fi - Find a local friend who has the game and challenge him or her to a quick match. Works the best, compared to connecting online.

Online - Hop onto the game's online server and either look for a friend or join against a quick opponent in AutoMatch. AutoMatch works the best, but it can take a minute or two for a match to get going.

Local Versus - you can have two players competing at once on the same device in a split-screen style format. Also works very well for coop support in the main campaign.

Neon Shadow - Cheats And Tips | Review

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