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How to level up your very own ninja - and make more money too.

Clumsy Ninja - Cheats And Tips | Get More Coins & Diamonds | Get More XP | Training Activities

Clumsy Ninja is the latest "virtual pet" game to hit the App Store, and it's a surprising release for developers Natural Motion, given the studio's previous success with titles like CSR Racing and CSR Classics.

We've been having a blast with the game this weekend, and today we've got some essential hints and tips to help you get more out of your agile new friend - and make more money to buy him new activities and toys.

- If you need to get your hands on some free diamonds in Clumsy Ninja, consider connecting the game to your Facebook account. After about 20 minutes of play, you'll be offered the chance to connect in order to receive 3 Diamonds. Don't be too fast to spend these though - save 'em up for later on, when unlocking new items gets tougher.

- To move your ninja around the screen, simply tap on an area in the foreground, background, left or right and he'll move into that position. Don't press and hold on the ninja unless you want to swing him around the screen ragdoll-style!

- The key to advancing your ninja to the point where you can make use of new objects, moves and equipments is to gain XP in order to level him up. It takes a while to reach new levels, but just about everything you do in the game rewards XP, so keep playing with him until you've reached the necessary level.


- Stuck for something to do in Clumsy Ninja? Tap on the book icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, and you'll be given some useful pointers for what to do next. This is a great way of finding new opportunities to earn more XP, more cash, and ultimately unlock new activities for him to take part in.

- The trampoline is a great way of earning XP fast in the early days of Clumsy Ninja, but make sure you only make very small movements left and right once he's got going. If you try and move the device too quickly, your ninja will take a tumble off the side, and that'll mean a delay before you can start leveling him up again.

- The best way to make more money in Clumsy Ninja is to take part in activities and increase the little ninja's mastery of each one. As you level your way through a particular activity, coin bags will drop on the floor - simply tap on these as soon as they appear to add them to your tally.


- If you're particularly proud of your ninja's progression, you can share his status with the rest of the world. Simply tap on the camera icon at the top left-hand corner of the screen to take a photo of his current posture and appearance, then hit the Twitter or Facebook icons to share your progress with friends.

- To get the most out of the punching bag, try and keep it hovering near to the ninja, maintaining just enough distance to allow him to connect with his next kick, but not be hit by the rebounding bag. If he's knocked off balance, you'll have to put up with a slight pause while he prepares to get back into action.

- Much of the game's enjoyment comes from simply experimenting with the tools and behaviors available, and unlocking new activities through discovery. Try to use current moves, masteries and objects in new combinations to find out what else your friend is capable of.

- The game is, inevitably, one that involves a fair amount of waiting - if you don't want to spend cash, there's no way around it. Having said that, just about the worst thing you can do with your Clumsy Ninja currency is waste Diamonds on repairing items - you'll want these for the kind of items that can only be unlocked with this premium currency. Do everything you can in a day, then let everything repair in the background for next time.

- If you don't want to spend real money on Clumsy Ninja, you're going to need to level him up with the toys you've unlocked through gameplay. As a general rule, you'll get the most experience from the latest objects, so play around with the latest tools to get the most XP in the game.


- There are a few things you can do to make more money in Clumsy Ninja. Here's a quick rundown of the best ways to make more cash in the game:

Be a regular player - If you play the game every day, make sure you're logged in and complete all the necessary requirements to receive the daily reward of Coins or Diamonds.

Spend money to make money - Once you're able to invest in money-making animals, do it. You'll need some cash upfront, and money's returned on a daily basis, but over time this will all add up to a very worthwhile investment.

Listen to your master - Keep completing those objectives that appear in the book. You might not get rich from each individual one, but if they're quick to complete them, you'll soon rack up a decent chunk of change

Clumsy Ninja - Cheats And Tips | Get More Coins & Diamonds | Get More XP | Training Activities

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