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Get ahead of the chasing pack with our essential guide.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire Panem Run - Cheats And Tips | Review

There's a new Hunger Games tie-in title out on the app stores now, and if you've got room for another runner in your life, there's no reason not to give it a go. We bought you our review earlier on today, now here are all of our top hints and tips.

- As a general rule, it's worth paying out a few coins to get back up and running after a tumble - as long as you've made decent progress into a run, otherwise just start your run again. We don't recommend resurrecting more than once, however, as the you'll find it much harder to make up the lost currency as the costs increase exponentially.

- Do go out of your way in order to pick up any materials that you find lying in the road, as these can be used to craft new arrows which boost your score in the archery sections, or improve your skills to help you perform better on every run.

- If you're looking to get hold of some free coins in Penam Run hit the icon at the top-right hand corner of the main screen. From here, you can watch a few videos in exchange for 100 coins each time - not bad if you want to fire it up and then go and grab a drink. It's also worth doing this just before you go to bed too. They all add up in the end!


- We recommend using your resources on improving your attributes first, as these affect your performance and currency-gathering on every single run, not just when you encounter archery sections. Spend a bit of time in the single-player mode and level up your basic attributes before battling online.

- Once you do go online and start racing against other players, make sure you've crafted your arrows. Having a solid selection of these will allow you to get a much bigger score during the shooting sections - and all things being equal, this can make the difference between the winners and the losers.

- There are three different arrow types you can craft in the game. Each one provides a higher or lower Sparks bonus than the others, but the most beneficial ones take much longer to craft. Our advice is to set the best ones to craft when you're expecting a significant amount of downtime - either because you're going to bed, or know that you're going to spend a long time playing a different game.


- If you want to race against your friends in Penam Run, you're going to need to log in to the game via Facebook. Once you've done so, you'll be able to connect with friends in real life who are also playing the game. Hit Random instead if you want to beat an unlucky stranger online!

- We don't recommend spending money on re-spinning your lucky wheels at the start of the run - unless the selection is either truly dreadful or you're truly rich. If you fall into the latter camp, think about upgrading the powers using coins for a little extra boost in the game.

- Don't be too fast to switch lanes until you know exactly what danger you'll face up ahead. If you see an obstacle moving, just wait for it to settle until you jump into its path, and make sure you're ready to gracefully negotiate it.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire Panem Run - Cheats And Tips | Review

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