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How to get your hands on more money in the new NaturalMotion game.

Clumsy Ninja - Cheats And Tips | Get More Coins & Diamonds | Get More XP | Training Activities

Yesterday we brought you our general guide to Clumsy Ninja, the new game from CSR Racing developers NaturalMotion. How about making just a little more cash in the game? Here are all of our top hints and tips for both making and saving those precious Coin and Diamond currencies.

First up, let's get hold of some free Diamonds for nothing except the slight risk of annoying all your friends on social media. About halfway through the opening tutorial, you'll be given the opportunity to connect to Facebook in exchange for 3 Diamonds. Take them up on the offer, grab your Diamonds, and then apologize profusely to your friends...

One way to get a steady stream of free Diamonds in Clumsy Ninja is to simply keep experimenting with all the objects and activities in the game, get that precious XP, and then level up. Each time you achieve a new rank, you'll be given either a single, or a very small number of Diamonds. Hey, every last one counts!


Don't stop taking part in an activity until you've used it to the point of disrepair. Why? Well, you'll have to spend a certain amount of money on new items, but if you use them enough you'll improve your mastery. When that happens, a small bag of coins will drop on the floor. You won't completely recoup the cost of your initial investment, but you will get a little more money as a reward.

They might cost a little bit of money upfront, but as you level up in Clumsy Ninja - from around Level 10 - you'll be able to buy pet animals that passively generate Coin income every day. It's not a huge amount of money by any means, but once you've got a few of these ticking away in the background, you'll be surprised at how quickly this very easy money adds up.


Time is money. Stick to one activity in Clumsy Ninja until you can have your little friend interact with it perfectly. That means making sure you position the punching bag correctly so it doesn't rebound and hit him, causing him to stumble and waste time. Get on top of every activity in the game and make sure you're using your game time as efficiently as possible.

Even if you don't spend a huge amount of time in Clumsy Ninja every day, do fire it up in order to get your hands on the daily bonuses. More often than not, you'll get a handful of Coins for your trouble, but you'll occasionally also get your hands on those rare and precious Diamonds too.


Part of making money in Clumsy Ninja is not spending it foolishly either. Think about your objectives in the game, and make sure you're buying the most efficient route towards that goal - XP, new items, or what have you. You don't have to turn the game into a chore, but it does help to have goals you want to work towards, and hang onto the money you'll need to get there.

Clumsy Ninja - Cheats And Tips | Get More Coins & Diamonds | Get More XP | Training Activities

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