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Mobile gaming royalty?

KingHunt - Cheats And Tips | Review

The gameplay of KingHunt really couldn't be simpler. Like that old favorite Fruit Ninja, all you have to do is use finger swipes to slice through a huge pile of objects that cascade onto the screen in waves. Miss too many slices and it's game over, but if you can get every last object before they tumble off the screen, you may just walk away with a new high score.

The Good

When the gameplay's this simple, everything else needs to seriously shine, and it's safe to say the developers at Mountain Sheep have delivered one of the prettiest games we've seen all year. The artwork is lovely, the music is as infectious as anything else we've heard in 2013, and there's a great deal of variety to be found in the environments of the game. Controls are responsive too, and you'll never feel cheated into your failures.

The Bad

You'll face bosses at the end of each stage but they're very easy to beat - more often than not a quick bit of furious swiping is all that's needed to destroy them. We'd also liked to have seen just a little more variety in the attack wave formations. It's true you'll face skittish objects that dance around the screen, but they're easily tapped away. For the most part, you'll burn through each stage on your first attempt.

The Verdict

Even taking those issues into account, KingHunt represents excellent value for money. It's clearly been a huge labor of love for all those involved, and it's about as good as we've come to expect from this niche genre of mobile gaming. Perhaps a future update will bring just a little more variety in combat.

KingHunt - Cheats And Tips | Review

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