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Lawless - Cheats And Tips | Review

While Mobage's iOS shooter Lawless may not be the deepest game experience you can get your hands on - it's an arcade style run-and-gun affair, after all - it's certainly entertaining, and there's a lot of potential in the weapons and crew members you can unlock.

Here are some useful tips to help you get started in the game.

How do you unlock weapons in Lawless?

There are two ways to do it. The first method is through random weapon unlocks after completing specific missions. These are basic grade weapons, such as the 1911A1 pistol, the M16K assault rifle and the PA-8 shotgun.

The second is by direct purchase, using CrimeCoins. These are usually higher grade weapons with a higher firing rate, more capacity for ammunition and better accuracy, especially for on-the-run targets. They're optional purchases at best, but if you want to get further in the game - or achieve a high enough ranking to earn three stars - you may consider a purchase.

How does the gameplay work in Lawless?

This is a run-and-gun title. You tap on the target you want to shoot, and that brings your character out of cover. Once that target is taken down, lift your finger off the screen and they'll go back into cover. It's important not to stay out in the open too long, as you only have a pre-set number of lives. Once you run out, you'll need to use in-game currency to get additional lives.

Along the way, you'll want to keep an eye out for innocent civilians. Hurting these people takes away from your mission payout - around $500 or so penalty applies per death. They're highlighted in green, whereas your targets are highlighted in red. Keep an eye out for them and watch your firing.


How do I defeat boss enemies in Lawless?

Boss enemies take a lot more damage than typical enemies, but if you concentrate enough firepower on them, you can take them down. For instance, boss characters run around a lot and have secondary characters covering them. Try to take out their henchmen first, then finish them off.

Another battle will have you taking on a helicopter. Focus on the gunners sitting in the seats first, then obliterate the rest of the helicopter as quickly as possible. It'll go down in flames quickly enough.

How do I earn three stars in each stage in Lawless?

You'll see a scoring meter that appears above the stage, with certain point values relating to each star. There's a minimum to achieve, usually around 4,000 to 5,000, with a higher total for the remaining two stars. It's important to take out enemies quickly and effectively, as you'll earn points through an increasing multiplier.

Also, try to go for head-shots. These provide the most points, and though they can be tough to execute - especially on moving enemies - they're certainly worth mastering. Chain enough of these together, and you'll earn three stars in no time flat.


What are the best weapons to use in Lawless?

Assault rifles are pretty much the way to go. Pistols are good for accuracy, but have a poor firing rate, shotguns are good for power, but don't have the same level of distance as assault rifles. RPG's are nice, especially when it comes to blowing up cars, but they take a while to reload.

If you can, stick with higher grade assault rifles, and you'll have no problem moving on in battle.

How do I hire/upgrade crew members in Lawless?

When you first get started and hired by your employer (after completing the first couple of jobs), you'll have the opportunity to acquire assets to join your team. Some will cost CrimeCoins to purchase, depending on their skills, while others are available without a fee, although you will need to pay them part of your mission money if you utilize their services.

As far as upgrading goes, you'll need to make sure you complete enough missions with them before you can use gold bricks to rank up their skills, mainly in accuracy and performance. These ranks usually go for anywhere from 20 to 50 gold bricks, depending on the member. You'll earn plenty of these over the course of the game, so you won't have to worry too much about buying them.


How does the multiplayer aspect work in Lawless?

You can sign in to your Mobage account and add friends to your team, either to serve as allies or join you in monthly live events, which should be kicking off later on this year. We've only been able to test this out minimally, but you can always send requests to new users, or seek out individual ones if you have friends on the Mobage network.

How do you level up weapons in Lawless?

Before the start of each mission, you'll have the option to choose which weapons you want to use for it. Some missions require something with power, like if you're taking on helicopters or tougher enemies, and sometimes an assault rifle like the Vz.83 Skorpion will come recommended by the gunsmith.

To level up, simply choose your weapon of choice and check out the Level Up option. You can use in-game cash to increase its firepower and accuracy, or sell it back for additional cash if you're not really using it that much. It's a pretty fair system, and there are always new weapons available to try out - though you will need to invest in CrimeCoins if you want to pick them up, as Lawless doesn't allow you to purchase them with in-game currency.


Do I have to take allies with me on missions in Lawless?

It's completely optional. Having an ally tag along is ideal if you need additional firepower or want to finish a mission quicker, but you'll lose a little money paying them. Going it alone will guarantee you a full payout, but also makes the game more challenging, especially in the later missions where more enemies are gunning for you.

You can also hire secondary allies that provide a specific skill, such as a Medic that gives you a health boost at the start of each stage, or a hitman with exceptional firepower. However - as you might have guessed - you'll need CrimeCoins to acquire them per mission, as they don't accept in-game currency.

Do I need to purchase CrimeCoins in Lawless?

If you want to get really good at Lawless, you might consider it. To get some of the more powerful weapons in the game - or allies that truly make a difference - you may consider investing. Just keep in mind that it's optional. The game is still completely playable without dropping a single dime, although it's a little more challenging as a result.

Lawless - Cheats And Tips | Review

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