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Build your own boss and take on other people's creations.

Endless Boss Fight- Cheats And Tips | Review

Endless Boss Fight combines the beat-em-up tactics found in 90's Genesis/SNES releases with an interesting touchscreen dynamic, as well as a sweet build-your-own-boss feature that allows your creation to compete against players online so you can clean up additional coins.

The Good

Although there are no direct versus fights with online players, Endless Boss Fight does a great job with community interaction, as you can earn money facing other people's bosses and clean up cash when they face yours. In addition, the unlockable features for both your main and boss characters are great, with plenty of fierce attack types and other goodies to unlock. The graphics are also appealing, utilizing a hand-drawn style that's seldom seen in most mobile games these days.

The Bad

As fun as Endless Boss Fight is, it unfortunately doesn't evolve much. You simply fight over and over again - an endless boss fight, as the title implies - to unlock things. There are no tactics to unlock, such as aerial attacks or new weapons. In addition, the music overstays its welcome, with the same old battle themes playing repetitively. Finally, the game's free-to-play structure is moderately fair, but if you want some of the better goods in Endless Boss Fight, you'll have to fork over a few bucks to stock up on your White Milk Coins.

The Verdict

Endless Boss Fight is a decent brawling game, one with an interesting approach to multiplayer and plenty of opportunities to clean up cash. However, its stale, repetitive nature and "freemium" grind make it lose some of its appeal. That said, we still had fun with the game.

Endless Boss Fight- Cheats And Tips | Review

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