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Battle without much freemium hassle.

Eternity Warriors 3- Review | Cheats and Tips | Combat Guide

Last year, Glu Mobile enhanced its Eternity Warriors franchise with the second entry in the series, a fun hack-and-slash effort with action that more than made up for its limited character selection and freemium purchases. With Eternity Warriors 3, it gets even better, with the inclusion of three distinct characters, hundreds of items to loot, forge and evolve into better tools. There's also plenty of action, without the need to drop a single dime.

The Good

Like previous entries, Eternity Warriors 3 is highly accessible and fun. Each character has something to offer, whether it's magic or straightforward brutal hack-and-slash, and leveling them up actually makes a difference in how you fight. You can also expand your arsenal a number of ways through merging and evolving your weapons, some of which require a bit of money. Regardless, there's limitless options here - a great thing to see in a free-to-play game. On top of that, the world hub is very easy to use (and helpful for keeping in touch with your friends), and the presentation is dazzling, between a battle-charged soundtrack and detailed visuals.

The Bad

It's optional, but you'll need to drop serious coins to get the better weapons and armor right away - otherwise, you're in for a grind fest. In addition, while it's fun to converse with friends and create your own guild, Eternity Warriors 3 doesn't have co-op or PvP online. Glu Mobile may be waiting to add them in a future update, but they take away from an otherwise greatly improved sequel. Finally, there's no word on the Android version - though we're pretty sure it's coming.

The Verdict

Eternity Warriors 3 isn't just the best game in Glu Mobile's action series, it's also one of the better free-to-play games on the market. You can spend hours grinding through fights, leveling up weapons and interacting with friends (to a point) without having to drop a penny. Plus it looks and sounds great. For this, we are eternally grateful.

Eternity Warriors 3- Review | Cheats and Tips | Combat Guide

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