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The saga continues...

Farm Heroes Saga - Cheats And Tips | Review

If you're looking for a good alternative to Candy Crush Saga - but still want to keep the fuzzy match-three feeling going - King's Farm Heroes Saga is a substantially good replacement. It works on most of the same principles as Candy Crush, but replaces the sweets with adorable veggies across dozens of levels. Then, of course, there are all the boosters you'd expect from a King game, not to mention Facebook connectivity for those who insist on bothering friends for extra lives...

The Good

King has done a great job of improving upon its freemium model with Farm Heroes Saga, as you can play for quite a bit before needing to drop a cent. The - not particularly original - gameplay works very well, and the cute presentation is ideal for all ages of players. The Facebook connectivity is excellent as well, although you may feel like a beggar asking for extra lives.

The Bad

Although the freemium system is fairer than Candy Crush's, you'll still hit a wall somewhere along the road, meaning you'll have to throw down a few bucks or wait for extra lives if you want to continue. The saccharine-sweet presentation may be a little too much for some to bear as well. It's a pity the gameplay hasn't evolved much either, although Saga fans may find that a good or a bad thing.

The Verdict

It's fair to say we've seen this sort of gameplay before in Candy Crush, but King has done a great job of modifying things to ensure that Farm Heroes Saga isn't as greedy a money-making machine. You'll get quite a bit of gameplay from it for no charge whatsoever, and the additional boosters and other goodies might just encourage you to stick around a little longer.

Farm Heroes Saga - Cheats And Tips | Review

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