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The second part of our complete Can You Escape 2 walkthrough.

Can You Escape 2 - Walkthrough 1-4 | Walkthrough 5-8 | Review

Earlier this week, we brought you a walkthrough for the first four levels of the tricky puzzle solving game Can You Escape 2. Now, we're back to lead you through the remaining four areas.

Only consult this guide if you're really stuck, though, otherwise you'll spoil the fun!

Can You Escape 2 Room 5 Walkthrough

When you first get started, turn around to the back of the room. You'll see a table with a projector on it. Click on the drawer on the front of the table and collect the magnifying glass that's inside. After that, turn back around to the front of the room and click on the picture to the left. It's a treasure map, and you'll want to use the magnifying glass to get an up-close look at a set of numbers - 2643. Once you get it, go back to the main part of the room and click on the desk to the right. You'll see a set of blocks that appear to the very left of the desk. Click on it and enter the numbers 2643. Once you do, the drawer will open, exposing a piece of film inside. Pick this up.

Following this, back up and tap on the center of the desk, where there's a TV and an urn. Tap on the urn and collect the flashlight that's behind it. Go back to the main part of the room and tap the arrow key to turn around. Tap the projector on the table and place the film on it. Back up and hit the light switch to the right of the screen up top. The lights will go out. Tap on the red icon on the projector to turn it on. It'll project an image of a trio of women. Memorize their outfits, and turn the light back on.

Turn around to the front of the room again. Tap on the table to the left and zoom in to the tablet that's on it (on the left side). Play the "star game" and proceed to find the stars hidden throughout. They're easy to spot, located in random spots in a Christmas-style setting. Once you have all seven, go back and click on the weird-looking block statue to the left of the treasure map you looked at earlier. Collect the small wrench-like piece at its base.

Go back and zoom in on the vent just beneath the statue. Use the wrench to remove the bolts and open the vent, then use the flashlight to look inside. You'll see a marking at the way back with what looks like a Roman numberal "III" on it. Place the stars on the surrounding parts of the circle as they were when they were first awarded to you in the mobile game (one up top, two on the 10 and 2 o'clock positions, and the four on the bottom at the 4, 5, 7 and 8 o'clock positions), then tap on the "III" icons. They'll change color. The color codes are light blue, red and dark blue - the same colors as the girls' shirts you saw earlier. A door will open with a green key inside. Snag it, go back to the elevator, and use it in the lock right next to it. The door will open, and off you go!

Can You Escape 2 Room 6 Walkthrough


When you first begin, click on the funky looking shelving unit on the left side. Click on the small elephant underneath the shelving unit and tap on its right trunk to collect it. Go to the glass case above it and open it. Move the model airplane aside and you'll see markings on the bottom, with two circles up top, two squares on the bottom, and a circle and square in the middle. Next, go to the drawers in the desk to the right and open the bottom one. Take out piece of the ring that's inside. Go back to the main view and click on the drum on the left-hand side, right next to the desk. Use the elephant tusk to puncture the drum, and collect the fingerprint kit that's inside.

Go back to the main view, then click on the drum that appears on the very far right of the room. Move it aside and you'll see a small shelf on the floor with a remote on it. Zoom in on the panel, and use the fingerprint kit to revealed the pressed keys. Tap them in this order- "1, 3, 6, 9, 7, 0". The drawer will open, and you'll need to move the right shelf aside by tapping on it. Collect the heart piece that's right underneath it. Take the ring piece you've collected and put it on the handle on the bottom to open the drawer. You'll see a number of stones lined up on the bottom. Memorize this pattern: first row, two brown, two white; second row: three white, one brown.

Go back to the main part of the room and click on the wine case just to the left of the elevator. Go to the button panel on it and repeat the row layout from the stones in the drawer - press in the bottom two buttons in the first row, and the top three in the second. The case will open, and you'll want to take the wine bottle.

Zoom back out and turn around to face the rear of the room. Check out the picture to the upper left of the TV, and press the peg shapes in a similar pattern to the shapes from underneath the model airplane. The picture will vanish, and you can take the toy wheel that was inside. Go back and check out the toy chest in the lower right corner of the room. It'll have three captain's wheels on it. Turn the first captain wheel to the 11 o'clock position, the second to the 3 o'clock position, and the third to the 8 o'clock position. Tap the locks and it should open. Take the other toy wheel that's inside.

Step back and check out the bigger chest on the left side of the room. Open up the bottom drawer and you'll see multi-colored peg pieces, with an equation beneath. Click on the red one and place the fancier toy wheel on the car. Click on the blue piece and put the wine bottle in place. Click on the green piece and put the other toy wheel on the dragster, and place the heart in the teddy bear's hands. Upon doing this, the numbers on the equation will read "397 + 485 + 979". Add these together and you'll get "1861" - the four digit code for the panel next to the elevator. Enter it, hit the button, and you're ready for level 7.

Can You Escape 2 Room 7 Walkthrough


First starting out, click on the monkey on the stepladder to the left. When you zoom in, you'll notice a green print on the picture behind him. Make note of this. Back out, and click on the desk to the right, zooming in on the drawers. Note the red rectangular piece on the floor to the right. Go back, and hit the back arrow to go to the back part of the room. Click on the cages to the right, and note the blue tiger print on the rear of it. Go back, and face the front of the room again. Return to the desk, but this time focus on the top, where you'll see a small bird foot print on a wood block to the left.

Return to the main part of the front of the room, then click on the small chest to the left, where you'll see four multi-colored paw prints. Remember the shapes you saw -- the red paw, the blue tiger print, the green dog foot print, and the yellow bird print. The chest will open up, and you can take out the banana that's inside. Go to the monkey on the stepladder and give him the banana, and in return, you'll obtain a key.

Back up and go to the padlocked fridge on the right side, and use the key. Open it up and take the frozen food that's inside. Return to the desk drawers on the right, open up the middle one, and take out the can. Go back and hit the rear of the room (by hitting the back arrow), and check out the cabinet on the left hand side. Open it and move aside the canisters to collect a shampoo bottle. Return to the main view, then go to the desk on the right. Open up the panel and zoom in on the fish tank that's inside. You'll see a four digit code behind the fish in the tank: 7583.

Return to the front of the room again. Go to the desk on the right and tap on its top drawer. Put in the code 7583 and the drawer will open. Take out the cigarette case that's inside. Go to the top of the desk and tap on the space beneath the frying pan. Lift the left black spoke and put the shampoo bottle-like object underneath it, and it'll snap back into place. Go back and place the frozen food on the frying pan. Zoom back under and use the cigarettes to light it, then go back once again. The frozen food will now be cooked, so pick it back up.

Zoom back out and go to the rear of the room again. Go to the cage on the right (where you saw the blue piece before) and put the food in the bowl. A leopard will appear. Back up and go to the cage on the left, and you'll see a card on the floor. Be sure to pick it up. Back up and go to the top of the middle cage, where you'll see a security panel and a screen. Use the card on the device and it'll turn on, revealing a mixed-up zebra picture. Solve it (it just takes a few taps to rearrange), then back up and return to the cage on the left. Open it up and go in, and you'll see a wood panel with four multi-colored pinwheels on it. Arrange it so you have "yellow, blue, yellow and green" in each of the top left corners. A panel will open, revealing a button. Hit it, go back to the elevator, and move along to level 8.

Can You Escape 2 Room 8 Walkthrough


This room looks small and simple, but there's stuff to figure out. Start by going to the desk on the left and getting a close view at the toy on it. Take the spoke out of the wheel, and then zoom in to the lamp to the right of it. Turn on the light and you'll see a four-digit code: 2436. Back up and tap on the panel on the bottom of the desk, and enter 2436. The drawer will open, and you'll need to take the handle piece that's inside.

Go back and check out the grate to the right of the barred door. Place the handle on it and open it up. You'll see a bunch of gears, but, for now, pick up the battery that's on the floor. Go back to the desk on the left and go close up on the multi-colored lights next to the lamp. Tap on them and place the battery in the open space underneath. Close it up and the lights will begin to blink. Green will blink three times, yellow will blink twice, red will blink four times, blue will blink five times.

Go back and tap on the chest sitting on the bed to the right of the room. Put in the colored pieces as the lights indicated: three green, two yellow, four red and five blue. It'll open and you can take the cog that's inside. Collect it, then go back and turn to the rear of the room, using the arrow on the corner.

Click on the shelving unit and close in on the lottery ticket on the top shelf. Scratch off the space on the bottom and you'll see the number 3624. Go to the bottom shelf and enter that code in the four digit panel. A drawer will open, and you can take the magnet that's inside. Back up and return to the front of the room. Visit the desk on the left, check out the wastebasket to its left, and take out the "Elevator Ticket" that's inside.

Go back to the elevator (with the bars on it) and check out the yellow vendor on the left. Give it the ticket. The elevator will open, but the bars are still in your way. Zoom in and use the magnet to collect the gear that's inside. Return and go back to the panel that has the gears, to the right. Place the middle sized one on the bottom left, the big one in the middle, and the tiny one on the bottom right. The bars will lift, and you're done!

Can You Escape 2 - Walkthrough 1-4 | Walkthrough 5-8 | Review

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