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Mostly worth your cooperation.

RoboCop - Cheats And Tips | Review

To tie in with the release of Columbia Pictures' forthcoming reboot film, Glu Games has released RoboCop, a third-person arcade-style shooter where you guide the revamped cybernetic soldier through various dangerous scenarios. These include gunning for renegade soldiers and robots, and eventually brushing robotic elbows with tougher enemies, including the iconic and vicious ED-209.

The Good

As an arcade-based shooter, RoboCop is good fun. The controls work reasonably well, and the game plays out very nicely as you improve your power suit and weapons arsenal, including a big ol' chain gun that can do some serious damage. The graphics look very good for an under 100 MB download too, and the more explosive moments in the game - such as when you detonate a nearby car and take out the thugs near it - are superb.

The Bad

Despite playing well, Robocop doesn't really offer much variety. You shoot at enemies from out of cover, and occasionally move to another cover point to avoid more devastating attacks, and call upon drones or scan abilities to find weak points. That'll be enough for some, but those seeking a more in-depth Robocop experience may be disappointed. The freemium system isn't demanding, but there are points where you'll have to wait for an energy meter to refill, or stump up some cash.

The Verdict

Robocop is hardly the best representation of the cybernetic officer we've seen - the classic Data East arcade game still can't be beat - but Glu Games did better than expected with the movie adaptation, providing plenty of shooting frills and good-looking graphics. When it comes to shoot-em-up goodness, we'd buy that for a dollar.

RoboCop - Cheats And Tips | Review

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