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It's good to be bad.

Castle Doombad - Cheats And Tips | Review

Adult Swim Games' Castle Doombad is the latest in a long line of tower defense titles, but this is one that plays out a little differently. Instead of assuming the role of a hero defending against baddies, you take charge of a dark and powerful minion, preventing heroic knights and other characters from rescuing a princess hidden deep within the confines of your castle. It goes without saying that this is all wrapped up in the kind of humor Adult Swim Games is renowned for.

The Good

Castle Doombad is simply wonderful to play. The controls work perfectly, giving you the option to remove or add traps with ease, while you collect "scream" currency which keeps everything powered. Unlocking new goods to use is a lot of fun as well, and the challenge ramps up at just the right degree, so you never feel overwhelmed by heroic forces. The presentation is equally charming, with plenty of humorous touches and animations. The overlord is the real highlight with his vicious commentary though. At one point, he insists you don't lay traps in front of a doorway because it's a "fire hazard." Good stuff.

The Bad

At the end of the day, this is still a tower defense game, and so some of the elements will feel a little too familiar for genre fans. The whole thing has a very similar vibe to the PC release Orcs Must Die! too, and if you want to place down premium traps in the game right away, you'll need to drop a few extra bucks with the game's freemium model. It's optional, but something to be aware of nevertheless.

The Verdict

Even if it isn't entirely original - and could really benefit from dropping the freemium elements - Castle Doombad is a terrific way to kick off 2014's mobile gaming season. Tower defense fans won't want to miss it, and casual fans will find a lot to like as well. Go ahead, be evil.

Castle Doombad - Cheats And Tips | Review

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