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Monkey business.

Simian.Interface is an interesting new mobile game from Chillingo, one where you solve a series of beautifully intricate puzzles using twists and turns of your device. Some puzzles are more difficult to solve than others, but if you use a bit of logic you should have no problem devising a solution and then moving onto the next challenge.

The Good

Chillingo has done a splendid job of porting Vested Interest's flash game to phones and tablets. As well as providing a good mental workout, the puzzles also look fantastic. For good measure, the developer's also signed up celebrated chip-tune composer note! for the ambient soundtrack.

The Bad

Even though there are a few hidden goodies to unlock - and some laughs that Internet-savvy users in particular will appreciate - Simian.Interface is painfully short. We blew through the entirety of the game, secrets included, in just under an hour. You can always go back and try puzzles again after you've unlocked everything, but the novelty will likely have worn off by then.

The Verdict

What it lacks in long-term replay value, Simian.Interface more than makes up for in inventiveness. The presentation really does go a long way towards engulfing you in the game's world, and the gameplay itself utilizes iOS devices in ways that other developers can only dream of. It's worth investing a dollar, even if you don't go ape for it in the long run.

Download Simian.Interface - iPhone and iPad


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