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How to unlock all of the new content in The Simpsons: Tapped Out 4.6.2.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out has just been updated with a new batch of content for Level 38, themed around everyone's favorite disher-out of justice, Judge Snyder.

As you'd expect from a Tapped Out update, 4.6.2 introduces lots of decorations, quests and characters for you to get stuck into. Here's our breakdown of all the new content in the game, and what you're going to need to do to get your hands on it.


There are two buildings in Tapped Out 4.6.2, one of which unlocks the key character in the new update, Judge Snyder.

Name Cost Notes
Courthouse N/A Unlocks the Judge Snyder character
Springfield Grocery Store 261,000 Cash Building time: 24 hours



There are only two new characters to unlock in this comparatively slight Tapped Out update. Here's how to get hold of both of them.

Name Notes
Blue Haired Lawyer N/A
Judget Snyder Unlocks with Courthouse



Every Tapped Out update brings with it a fresh batch of decorations to spruce up your Springfield with, and the Level 38 drop is no exception. Here are all of the new decorations you can unlock in the game, and how much each one will set you back.

Name Cost Notes
Greenpeace Boat 1,300 Cash Requires Level 21
Khlav Kalash Stand 760 Cash Requires Level 21
Knightboat 40 Donuts Requires Level 15
Lady Justice Statue 4,500 Cash Requires Level 38



There are two brand new quest chains to get started with in Tapped Out 4.6.2 - here's the lowdown on both of them.

The Devil Wears Blue

Name Starts Time Rewards
The Devil Wears Blue Part 1 Homer Simpson 30 minutes 140 Cash + 20 XP
The Devil Wears Blue Part 2 Lisa Simpson 12 hours 700 Cash + 160 XP
The Devil Wears Blue Part 3 Blue Haired Lawyer 30 minutes 140 Cash + 20 XP
The Devil Wears Blue Part 4 Blue Haired Lawyer 3 hours 145 Cash + 45 XP

Scandalous Spending

Name Starts Time Rewards
Scandalous Spending Part 1 Chief Wiggum 12 Hours 520 Cash + 110 XP
Scandalous Spending Part 2 Chief Wiggum 3 Hours 235 Cash + 45 XP
Scandalous Spending Part 3 Comic Book Guy 30 Minutes 140 Cash + 20 XP
Scandalous Spending Part 4 Chief Wiggum 10 Hours 450 Cash + 100 XP
Scandalous Spending Part 5 Chief Wiggum N/A 100 Cash + 10 XP
Scandalous Spending Part 6 Chief Wiggum 12 Hours 1,360 Cash + 310 XP

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