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Our essential guide to the very best brainteasers you can get from the App Store.

Touchscreens seem purpose-built for slower-paced and more thoughtful games, so it's been no surprise to see the puzzle game genre flourish on the App Store over the years. There's plenty of games to choose from, so we've picked out our ten personal puzzle favorites that you can download now.

10. Bejeweled

The core gameplay of Bejeweled may have been refined, evolved and improved in many other games over the years, but we've still got a soft spot for the grand old dame of match-three gaming. Simple but satisfying, Bejeweled is still the perfect time-killer for your phone or tablet.

Bejeweled - Review

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9. Quell Memento

If we have one criticism of Quell Memento, it's that each puzzle element doesn't get long enough in the spotlight before you're swiftly moved on to the next challenge. Still, if you crave more variety than the average puzzle game offers, you'd do very well to make this your next download.

Quell Memento - Cheats And Tips | Review

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8. Flow Free

There's more than a few imitators of this particular type of puzzling gameplay on the App Store, but Flow Free's still the original and best. The challenge here sounds simple - connect the colored dots without overlapping any lines, but you'll also have to make sure every tile on the grid is filled. Zen puzzle-gaming at its finest.

Flow Free - Cheats And Tips | Review

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7. Dungeon Raid

Dungeon Raid was a very welcome breath of fresh air for the match-up genre when it hit the App Store. Instead of endlessly matching up colors for more points, Dungeon Raid demands no small amount of strategy, as you juggle your priorities between shoring up your defenses, and obliterating enemy tiles.

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6. Stickets

This tetromino-based game is simplicity itself, yet will consume as many hours as you're prepared to give to it. You'll need to lay out primitive shapes on a small playing area to stay in the game, and make every clearance count as you gently tease a new high score from this marvel of indie gaming.

Dowload Stickets - iPhone & iPad

5. 10000000

The gameplay of 10000000 is as excellent as the title is annoying to type. As your character races endlessly through a dungeon, you'll have to shift your matching priorities to unlock treasure chests, clear doors, and do battle with a huge number of enemies. RPG upgrade elements ensure you'll be playing this match-up game for months to come.

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4. Puzzle Craft

The circle of life turned into a puzzle game, Puzzle Craft blew us away when it hit the App Store in 2012. It's a line-matching game like many others, but it's the matching category synergies and empire-building elements that make this wonderful game so endlessly compelling. An essential download.

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3. Drop7


You can file Drop7 squarely under the category of oldie-but-goodie, and while mobile gaming's come a long way in the years since the game's release, it's still good for killing a bus ride or two. Match stack heights with incoming numbers to clear your way to an ever-greater high score in this classic puzzle game from Zynga.

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2. Slydris

While it's fair to say that Slydris could never have existed without the influence of Tetris, RadianGames has evolved the line-clearing gameplay to such a degree that it's very much its own masterpiece. The game Tetris could have been with a little more imagination? Perhaps.

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1. The Room 2

The Room picked up no shortage of plaudits on release - and deservedly so - and we were as keen as everyone else to get our hands on the long-awaited sequel. Improving on the original in just about every way, you simply have to own this mysterious, elegant and tactile puzzle game.

The Room 2 - Cheats And Tips

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