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The great Professor bows out in style in this head-scratching 3DS adventure.

We enjoyed plenty of great adventures with Professor Layton over the years, courtesy of those talented developers at Level-5. Now we bid farewell (for now at least) with Azran Legacy for Nintendo 3DS, another superb addition in the series that fans will enjoy. This time, the Professor attempts to solve a mystery of a girl frozen in ice - with some oddball bad guys in hot pursuit.

The Good

Like previous games in the series, Azran Legacy features a number of splendid puzzles to solve, with various means to figure them out, including a helpful sketchpad and a more-than-fair hint system. Exploring environments is good fun as well, especially when you stumble upon precious Hint Coins. The online component is excellent, with downloadable daily challenges (free-of-charge) and great StreetPass functionality to get others involved. Finally, the anime-style presentation shines, particularly with the voice acting and music. Top-notch as always.

The Bad

Azran has a great tale, but there are times it's too familiar when it comes to puzzle design, rather than setting out on a more unique path. That's hardly a deal breaker, but fans may notice some copycat material within a few of the stages. In addition, a few of the puzzles are a pain, even when you think you've gotten everything figured out. Thankfully, Level-5's coin system is more than reasonable, so this isn't too big a problem.

The Verdict

Although it's too familiar for its own good, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy is a fine conclusion for the series, at least for the time being. With a fresh story, solid presentation and plenty of puzzles and challenges, this is one mystery that doesn't wear out its welcome.


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