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Supercell returns with a righteous island party.

Supercell has done quite well for itself with the immensely popular Clash of Clans, but that won't stop the team from treading into new waters. Its latest release, Boom Beach, focuses on a ragtag group of soldiers fighting against an enemy armada, taking over islands and rescuing villagers while continuing to make their home base stronger. For good measure, other players can join in the fun through friendly battles.

Here are some tips to help get you started in the game!

What resources are available in Boom Beach?

The two main resources you'll want to focus on are wood and gold. Wood helps you build things much quicker than you would with your regular resources, while gold enables you to buy more weapons, troops and other goods to make your army stronger.

When it comes to wood, you'll have to be patient, as you're only able to churn out so much at a time with a sawmill. However, you'll have plenty of trees to tear through, so if you see an opportunity to make an ideal building for your base, don't hesitate to jump.

As for gold, you can collect this a number of ways, mainly through winning battles and collecting rewards, and accepting tributes from humble villagers. The more gold you earn, the more you'll be able to spread out and find new islands.

How do I take over an enemy base in Boom Beach?

Enemy bases are scattered throughout the islands, and it's going to take quite a bit to bring them down. That's why it's important to learn your tactics from the beginning of the game, where you'll need to take down a turret gun and small building.

For the turret, it's best to start with a ground assault. A couple of soldiers may die up front, but they'll eventually get the job done in knocking out defenses. For good measure, be sure to use your gunboat as well, and aim your shots carefully so you bring down the bigger structures in the game.

Also, don't be afraid to expand. As the game goes on, you'll be able to upgrade your headquarters to train soldiers better, and unlock new classes, including warriors, tanks, medics and zookas. Mix these resources up carefully, because you'll want to make sure your team is well maintained, while at the same time strong enough to survive ground opposition. Stick with the heavies and warriors on the ground assault, while keeping the zookas, medics and soldiers on stand-by.

In addition, make sure you get your flare placement down. Wherever the gunboat fires this marker is where the soldiers will end up going - so don't redirect them off the beaten path.

What should I stock my base with in Boom Beach?

It's nice to have a good offensive line to repel enemy forces, but it also helps to have a good defense on standby. It's with this that you'll want to put as much of your resources as you can into defensive points, including positioned mortars, turrets and sniper towers. Out of these, the towers are the most vital. While snipers don't take that many shots, the ones that do are quite accurate, and also notify you of any enemy forces approaching your base.

Make sure you repair your resources as often as you can and keep them healthy, just in case an enemy force decides to stop by and try its luck.

It takes a bit to get the management angle of Boom Beach down, but if you're familiar with how Clash of Clans works, you'll settle right in.

How do I battle friends in Boom Beach?

It all depends on how much you expand. As you improve your radar, you'll be able to open up new islands, including new opportunities to find treasure and add to your diamond collection.

When it comes to battling friends, keep an eye out for Blackguard Mercenaries. These are really other friends' islands, and you can initiate a battle with them if you think you're strong enough. Just make sure you know what you're getting in for - one false move and they could blow you out of the water!

Do I need to pay for anything in Boom Beach?

Building stuff can take quite a while if you don't choose to expedite their completion with diamonds. You'll start out with over 50 in the beginning, but you may spend through them rather quickly. An option is available to buy more for anywhere from $4.99 to $99.99, but keep an eye out for treasure chests and certain rewards from villagers first before making the plunge. Chances are you can stockpile quite a bit of loot before dipping into your wallet.

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