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Shake your groove thing.

Record Run is the latest release from Harmonix, the same studio that brought us the Dance Central and Rock Band games. The music rhythm vibe is alive and well in this title, as you help a musician work his way down a perilous street, collecting records and building multipliers while grooving to his (or your) favorite song.

Here are some tips that'll have you spinning like a DJ.

How do I play Record Run?

Your job is to get the highest score possible during your run, and you can do this by collecting records and successfully dodging obstacles that appear in the street, either by moving to the side, jumping or sliding underneath.

The key is to move at just the right time to dodge. Each obstacle will have a green bar that appears in front of it, and you'll want to dodge at the exact time your character crosses over the bar. Doing this will increase the level's multiplier, allowing you to collect double the records for a limited amount of time in a groove mode.

Be careful, though. If you hit an obstacle, you'll lose the multiplier as well as one of your hearts. Run out of hearts and the round is over.

How do I use power-ups in Record Run?

A number of power-ups are available for purchase using in-game records you collect, including a magnet that draws them to your character automatically and a sprint option to move further into a level. Your best bet, however, is to buy the enhancer for when you enter groove mode. This will prolong the time you remain in the mode after beefing up the multiplier, giving you more records to collect in the long run. It's the best way to go.

How do I change my character's appearance in Record Run?

As you complete levels, you'll have the option to buy new heads and outfits for your character, as well as secondary boosts. You'll spend records to get these, so you'll need to collect quite a few in order to get the good stuff. However, considering the game is mostly free-to-play, you won't have to worry about plunking down your cash to get there. If you prefer, though, you can buy more records to speed up your progress.

Can you play to your own songs in Record Run?

Yes, the game allows you to export music from your library into the game, and it syncs up perfectly. The only downside is that you have to use Backstage Passes to open up slots for new songs (the first three are free), and those will cost anywhere from $1.99 to $49.99, depending on how many you want. It's completely optional, though, and the game has a fair list of unlockable songs.

Do I need to pay for anything in Record Run?

Again, the game is generally free-to-play, with a decent amount of content. However, you will need to pay to unlock new song slots or better outfits for your character right away.

You can buy records and backstage passes separately for anywhere between $1.99 to $49.99, but be on the lookout for bundles. These offer the best of both worlds - records and passes together - for a much more reasonable price. Shop around before you drop your money.

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