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Amazon's setting the pace, and there's plenty to be happy about.

Well, the cat is out of the bag. Amazon is primed (made a funny!) to give Apple and Samsung a run for its money with its new Fire Phone model, which it announced yesterday during a press conference. The device, which will release on July 25th for anywhere from $199 (with contract) to $649 (on its own), will come with a number of new features - as well as a free one-year subscription to Amazon Prime for those who pre-order quickly.

Not sold on the Amazon Fire Phone just yet? Well, with these five factors to consider, you most certainly will be.

The Impressive Tech

For a first phone model from Amazon, the company is going all out with the technology built into it. It comes with a 4.7 inch 720p IPS liquid-crystal display, making viewing movies and playing games on the device quite a convenience. It also comes with plenty of power behind it, including a quad-core 2.2 GHz processor and Adrena 300 graphics, along with 2GB of RAM. In tech talk, that's a lot of power going into a little device. It'll be interesting to see what games come out of this.

Firefly Technology

Don't you hate it when you want to look up the name of a song or an item, and have to scour the Internet for information? With Firefly, all you need to do is scan something with your phone, and you can look up movies, TV episodes, and other information within a matter of seconds. It's a lot more convenient than trying to email information to yourself, then having to sort through page after page to find what you're looking for. Convenience!

One-Handed Menu Accessibility

On most devices, you usually have to press a separate button in order to sort through notifications, emails and personal messages. On the Fire Phone, you'll be able to do that with the Dynamic Perspective. Tilting will open up panels to access side menus and shortcuts, while swiveling would allow the activation of programs like Mayday and Flashlight (perfect for blackouts), and Peek would let you preview incoming information and messages. No more tap, tap to get details here. You can do it all while keeping a hand free for eating or whatever.

A Better Camera

While the built-in cameras for iPhone and Android devices aren't too shabby, the Amazon Fire Phone looks to take it to the next level. The peripheral comes with a built in 13 MP camera, with optical image stabilization that will do away with the blurriness that comes from other photos. In addition, users can capture 1080p video on the spot, without having to worry about conversion or taking up precious space on their phone. Finally, videos are saved automatically to Cloud Drive, where they can be accessed at a later time. That should be a good option to would-be filmmakers.


Finally, customer service can be a real pain in the neck - just ask any long-time subscriber who's used to the ups-and-downs that come from trying to call someone. Amazon Fire Phone promises full-on interactivity with Mayday, which allows users to connect with a live Amazon expert at any time. They're on hand to not only provide Amazon services, but also walkthroughs for the Fire Phone, should users have a question in terms of how to use it or perform certain functions. Now that's how customer service should be done.

The Amazon Fire Phone can be pre-ordered here.

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