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Build a better armada and dominate the high seas in this fun strategy game.

Remember when you played Battleship for the first time, showing your superiority against opponents by guessing where their ships were? Well, while we await the high-end version of that game (without aliens, thank you), we have gNetop's Empire Fleet, a terrific strategy game where you put together a fleet of ships, then send them out for battle against enemy forces. You'll need all the best strategy you can muster, as you want to keep strengthening your fleet, gaining the advantage with technical resources and using as many supplies as you can get your hands on.

While tough at first, Empire Fleet is a lot of fun once you learn the basics. Here are some tips that'll help you along.

How do I play Empire Fleet?

This is a strategy-based game where you send your ships to battle against adversaries. You'll start out small with just a few ships in your arsenal, but as you level up and gain supplies, you'll be able to expand your army with bigger ships and heavier firepower.

The key when you first get started is to stay on the attack. Don't give your opponent time to breathe when it comes to reacting. Find the weakest forces and dig in, then eventually scuttle the rest of the fleet. You may lose a little bit of your force as a result, but you can always replenish and send out a stronger team the next time around.

Your best bet is to simply tap on the "max power" icon when you start, then go on attack. The better you do, the more stars you'll earn on each stage, and the more you'll be able to unlock later on.

How do missions work in Empire Fleet?

You'll want to tackle as many ships as possible over the course of the game. Not only will you be able to gain experience and reputation, but you'll also find stockpiles of goods you can turn around to strengthen your ships, and possibly even a few extra ships for good measure.

Be sure to accept daily missions as well. There's no cost to do this, and meeting all the tasks will provide you with bonus goods, which again, you can use to your advantage.

How should I expand my port in Empire Fleet?

Make sure your docks are in working order, since these are where you'll send ships from. The more you have, the more space you'll use when it comes to building an army. From there, you can expand with several buildings, including a science lab (for development), an arena (for battle practice, the workshop (for boost items), the refitting yard (for increasing strength and capacity on your ships) and others.

Another item you'll want to focus on is the Command Center. The better you get with maintaining this, the more it levels up, and the more buildings you'll be able to unlock, including storage for your supplies and the above buildings. You'll need to reach at least level three before you start seeing results, but keep at it.

It's vital that you keep searching around your nearby island to keep your resources in good supply. These include gold, iron, oil, silicon and uranium, which you'll use not only to build better armor and weapons for your ship, but also assisted resources in keeping your army together.

How do PvP battles work in Empire Fleet?

You'll be able to search across the globe for competitors using coordinates in the game. You'll find yours in the corner, so you can see where you are at all times. To find others, tap nearby islands and seek adversaries to take on. Once you have one in place, send the fleet out (if they're strong enough - don't overwhelm yourself) and prepare for battle.

How do I form an alliance in Empire Fleet?

By forming an alliance with fellow players, you're able to use a number of skills that can help you in battles with larger formations of enemies. These include improved accuracy and tenacity, electromagnetic interference (so they can't get a bead on you with the coordinates), fire support (with increased drops to aid you in battle) and others.

Don't be afraid to reach out and form an alliance. Sometimes it's the best move you can make.

Do I need to pay for anything in Empire Fleet?

You'll earn quite a few gems completing missions and attacking enemies in the game, but if you really want to build the ultimate army, you may be tempted to spend a few bucks. You can purchase gems for anywhere from $2.99 (for 160) to $99.99 (for 8,400, the max amount). Play the game first, though, and see if the purchases are worth it.

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