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Speed and stunt your way to victory in this side-scrolling racer.

Fans of the Trials games on Xbox 360 and other consoles will thoroughly enjoy Tate Interactive's Urban Trial Freestyle, which debuted on the App Store last week. Like Trials, the goal of the game is to get your motorcycle rider from point A to point B while crashing as little as possible. That's easier said than done, mainly due to the elaborately designed levels, as well as the stunt challenges scattered throughout each course.

Don't worry. It'll be smooth sailing over the finish line with these tips!

How do I play Urban Trial Freestyle?

The goal of the game is to race to the finish line in the fastest time possible. However, since Urban Trial Freestyle is built similarly to Trials, you have to do it carefully. You'll need to balance your speed, as well as lean your rider forward so you don't flip over the bike.

You'll get the hang of this over the first few levels, as you can overcome steep hills with a combination of leaning and consistent acceleration. In addition, you'll also want to get used to certain obstacles, including a huge rolling boulder that can crush you flat, and a car rolling down a hill that you'll want to avoid, even if it means waiting a few seconds to get past it.

How do the stunt challenges work in Urban Trial Freestyle?

The stunt challenges vary, and range from highest jump to landing in a precise area on a stage to having the right amount of speed coming off a jump. You'll see these with indicators scattered throughout each stage, which will give you a few seconds to prepare accordingly. There are also stunt-based ones that you'll come across, but you can get these simply by executing one flip (or more) by leaning your rider all the way forward or back while in the air.

Flipping can take some practice, as it's real easy to crash coming down. Fortunately, you'll either be able to start over at the last checkpoint you came across (there are about four to five per stage), or if you prefer to finish the race with the most points, start over entirely. There's no penalty for this, and in some cases, practice makes perfect.

Does customizing my bike make a difference in Urban Trial Freestyle?

Customizing your rider doesn't do much for the game, but you can wear new items in case you're not fond of the default one. It doesn't affect your performance overall.

What you do want to do, however, is work on unlocking new bikes and parts. The bikes come with each new set of levels that you unlock, specifically by completing stunts in each quadrant.

As for parts, you won't need to worry about these too much, but if you get a chance to invest in a new accelerator, go for it. This'll speed up your bike, allowing you to get a speed burst towards the finish line. New motorbikes come with these automatically, so wait to unlock them first before spending cash.

How do I unlock new levels in Urban Trial Freestyle?

The main goal across each stage is to earn up to five stars. Generally, you can unlock new levels and areas by completing all the ones in the current grid, but you really want to shoot for more stars. By collecting these, you'll be able to unlock levels a lot easier, as well as a few bikes for good measure. Plus, your high score can compete with others on the leaderboards - and to some, that makes all the difference.

How do I collect cash bags in Urban Trial Freestyle?

You'll find an assortment of cash bags scattered across each stage. Some are hard to reach, but with a little timing and acceleration, you'll reach them with no problem. Others can be grabbed quickly, as they're on your route towards the finish line.

Trying to collect them all is a big deal, mainly because that cash can help you buy premium parts much quicker. If you somehow miss one on your initial run, not to worry - you can always go back and try again.

Do I need to pay for anything in Urban Trial Freestyle?

Nope. The $1.99 price tag covers your entry fee, and there's no need to plunk down additional funds for in-game money, as you'll earn quite a bit with each race you successfully complete. Just make sure you're prepared to crash, because you will.

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