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Pop till you drop in this addicting puzzle game.

f you're a fan of fast moving - yet simply designed - puzzle games, then Poptile should be your next stop. This offering from 1Button SARL has you consistently popping squares on an upward moving playfield, in the hopes of keeping them from touching the top. It's a tricky job, but you can form together combos that eliminate larger formations, providing you some precious space in the process.

Here are some tips that will have you popping in no time!

How do you play Poptile?

The general goal of the game is to keep your consistently moving squares from reaching the top of the screen. If even one touches, it's game over. So, to do this, you'll need to pop pieces on the board to eliminate them. At first, it seems easier to remove the larger two-plus square pieces on the board, as they provide a great deal of space. However, you'll want to keep combos in mind if you really want to do some damage.

How do I perform combos in Poptile?

Combos consist of smaller square pieces connecting with larger ones near the bottom of the board, thus removing them completely. To do this, simply pop pieces above the similarly colored ones so they come crashing down to remove them.

You can either remove bigger formations or singular squares in order to make the pieces come down. While one-square pieces being removed may seem useless, they can pave the way for bigger pieces to be removed. Just make sure you focus on the columns that are closest to touching the top of the screen first. That's the most effective process.

How does the -3 power-up work in Poptile?

The -3 power-up enables you to remove three rows from the board, and is quite useful for catching up on a game that's gotten out of control with differently colored pieces. You'll earn these on occasion (there's no option to buy them), so your best bet is to save them until you absolutely need them. That way, you'll be able to clear the board with no problem while waiting for bigger pieces to come along.

Do I need to pay for anything in Poptile?

The game is free-to-play, and you don't need to worry about getting run over with in-app purchases. However, if you wish, you can buy extra themes for $0.99 or remove those advertisements for an additional $0.99. They really don't get in the way, though, so don't feel compelled to jump onto a purchase.

Download Poptile for iPhone and iPad

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