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What's really crazy about this iteration of the arcade classic is its reliance on IAPs.

It's been a long time coming since Crazy Taxi has been in the spotlight, but it's returned as a mobile free-to-play title. Crazy Taxi: City Rush is a completley different ballgame than series veterans are likely used to, but despite its abundance of IAPs and bizarre machinations, it's still a fun twist on the Crazy Taxi name.

The Good

The same Crazy Taxi attitude is present in this game, featuring a hype-inducing series of accompanying tunes, clients who want to speed around here and there, and a city teeming with personality. They're all waiting within the confines of this Crazy Taxi spinoff.

While there are no free-roaming controls to speak of, City Rush handles the hectic breakneck driving of the madcap sim extremely well, translating hairpin turns and course corrections to succinct swipes left and right. It may feel a little weird to get used to at first, but it lends a "casual" feel to Crazy Taxi tha ends up feeling very natural, while still challenging.

Gameplay is split up into levels where you receive coins when you complete an entire one. You can use coins to unlock additional customization options for your cab in the form of new cab drivers, car parts, and every so often, gems, which are the free-to-play currency that you'll come to know very well.

The Bad

Like many games of this nature, Crazy Taxi: City Rush does end up suffering from its free-to-play status. You can only take on so many passengers since your gas tank is drained after each level. When you reach empty, you can spend real money to refill your gems or wait to be able to tackle the next area. However, in order to be able to afford much of the pricier options later on, you'll pretty much have to purchase gems with real-world cash.

The Verdict

Crazy Taxi: City Rush is a strange riff on the classic game, but it does come into its own as a pleasing alternative to the original. Unfortunately, its reliance on free-to-play currency does end up making it more frustrating than it should be.


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