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Skate your way through town racking up big combos and points in this endless runner.

Skateboard video games haven't had much success since the Tony Hawk franchise. In fact, we haven't seen that many released. That said, mobile game Epic Skater touches on the skateboard genre that once dominated consoles.

The Good

In Epic Skater, you take control of a kid as he skates through the city of Los Angles. You tap the screen to make your character jump, and perform tricks by swiping the screen in different directions. Along the way, gamers avoid obstacles, rack up a high score and go as far as possible.

The game has a few different leaderboards, which gives you different goals to work for. You can have the farthest distance traveled, the biggest combo score or the highest total score. In addition, your character learns new tricks as you progress through the game. When you get higher scores, you unlock new tricks and moves to use in the game. This is a good show of progression that gives you a reward for playing. These tricks can then be upgraded using coins that you collect throughout the level.

The Bad

Epic Skater only has the one level. This one level randomly generates each time, but the scenery is similar for most of the way. This makes the game a bit repetitive.

The Verdict

That aside, Epic Skater is a great game and a lot of fun. The game is addictive and has a lot to offer, like unlocking and upgrading moves and developing a high score, despite having one level. Hopefully this is a catalyst that brings life back to skateboarding and other extreme sports titles.

Download Epic Skater for iPhone, iPad and Android.


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