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Gain the upper hand (or upper level) with our Swing Copters tips and tricks guide!


So you've just downloaded Swing Copters at the behest of hundreds of tweets and the hype machine that is the internet, but you're failing miserably at it. What do you do? Never fear, dear readers! Modojo comes to the rescue with some handy tips and tricks on how you can improve your Swing Copters game. If even one of you comes out with a better understanding of how you can seek out that coveted high score, then we can certainly consider this piece a success, so let us know if our tips helped you in the comments below!

Get used to inversion

Things are a little topsy-turvy in Swing Copters, so it's normal to feel confused when you're first starting out. With that said, remember first off that the controls are reversed. If you need to correct your copter's course and you need him to fly to the right, you need to tap left. Conversely, you need to tap right if he's flying to the left. It can be hard to get used to, but it's imperative to improving your game.

Stop being so cautious

Swing Copters isn't going to get any easier if you approach it with kid gloves. Use both thumbs and tap as quickly as possible to correct your copter's course. There's no reason for you to use any kind of finesse when it comes to keeping your copter in line as you rise to the top, because this is an unforgiving game that requires quick, staccato taps if you want to make any progress. Throw caution to the wind and tap like a demon if you want to keep your copter away from the swinging hammers.

The hammers aren't even that big of a deal

Honestly, you can just ignore the hammers, especially for the first and second gaps you need to fly up through. They really aren't even a problem if you're only concerned with the lower levels. Simply pretend they aren't there and see how high you can soar. It may not make a huge difference, but once you stop sweating the small stuff you'll come out on top a whole lot more often.

Find your rhythm

Don't get in the habit of robotically tapping the screen until you feel like you've crossed an important threshold. Like in Flappy Bird, if you find a comfortable tapping rhythm, keep it! Gain some momentum and let yourself fall into a pattern, and when you stop thinking about how to get up through all of those gaps, you'll find that you start doing a lot better job.

Don't be afraid to fail...

...because you're going to. Again and again and again. But it means nothing in the grand scheme of things. You can come right back over and over and never have to worry about not being able to try again, because this isn't one of those freemium games with a limit. You have the freedom to keep plugging away over and over at Swing Copters, so keep going back in and trying to nail it! You're doing fine. We've got your back.

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