By: Scott Armstrong May 8, 2006 0 Comments

First screens and a slew of info

Officially licensed by the NBA, SCEA's latest sports title for the PSP is set to introduce a variety of new gameplay modes and mini-games.

NBA '07 will feature an all-new Conquest Mode that allows players to take a team and challenge NBA squads across the country, as well as a new Pick Up Mode which will give gamers a chance to choose from 10 different NBA players for a playground-style match-up.

In addition to the instant replay function, a new Highlight Reel option provides players the opportunity to view a select reel of highlight shots, passes, steals, and dunks at the end of each game. Players will also have more choices of quick pick-up-and-play mini-games, including an all-new rhythm-based dunk contest as well as carnival-style games including skee-ball, pinball, and pop-a-shot.

Additionally, a multiplayer setting will be available, giving players the chance to compete head-to-head against local friends or with basketball fans from around the country via wireless connectivity.

NBA '07 for the PSP will be rated "E" for Everyone when it hits stores sometime this October.